Taking Nepal’s Clubbing Scenario to New Heights

Taking Nepal’s Clubbing Scenario to New Heights

As they say, “Follow your heart and do what you love, success will automatically come to you.” This statement has been perfectly exemplified by Rabin Shrestha. Serving as Managing Director of Lord of the Drinks (LOD), Reef Restaurant & Lounge bar, Karma Bar & Lounge, Reef Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Solis Performing Arts, he has been in the hospitality sector since 2012 and has always been coming up with new projects that have been a revolutionary change for the town.

After getting a degree from Singapore, Rabin came back to Nepal in 2011 and opened the Reef Restaurant & Lounge Bar on January 26, 2013. This was literally a beginning of a new hospitality scenario in the town. The restaurant and hospitality business has been more of a passion for Rabin, and that quest to bring something innovative in this field was always within him. Karma Bar & Lounge was one of the results of this quest, which opened its doors in 2016, and it was then that Nepalis experienced an authentic clubbing scenario, and the party culture kick-started here, as well. However, he wasn’t satisfied with even this, and thus, to revolutionize the clubbing scene further, planning for Lord of the Drinks (LOD) began, and today it has established itself as one of the top-notch clubs in town.

Rabin refers to LOD as a rock bar and club rather than just referring it as a club, as Lord of the Drinks is run as a Rock Bar till 11:30 p.m., and then turns into a club. Lord of the Drinks is definitely serving as one of the international level clubs in town, which comprises of every quality aspect that an international club has; be it the lights, stage, sound, space, or the seating arrangements. Rabin says, “There has been some instances in the past when we were not able to conduct an international level performance here due to lack of a suitable stage. Many artists rejected our proposal to perform here, because we lacked that arrangement. Today, LOD has fulfilled that gap, and we have made sure that each and every artist gets all that is demanded, and even our local artists could get that vibes while performing here.”

However, when asked to choose one factor of LOD that makes it stand out from other clubs, Rabin finds the light and sound system to be a step ahead from the rest. The lights, which are hydraulic and fall 50 feet down and move around, is one of the first in Nepal. Similarly, the sound system used is called the D & B Audio Technik which is a high-quality sound system used by many global performers, and has been used for the first time in the country.

Talking about the challenges of running one of the biggest clubs in town, Rabin feels that bringing in sufficient crowd is not difficult, but to filter that crowd is a challenge. Thus, to overcome that, the LOD team has categorized the place into three different sections, namely, Gold, Silver, and Platinum, and has established that niche environment within which you can book the table and get all the money utilized in that package. The price for a table inside begins from 30 thousand and ranges up to 100,000 depending upon the events.

Within this short span of one month, LOD has organized many successful shows, including the international performance by Ayo and Teo, Lamborghini, and also many national performances. The team is soon planning to feature the famous Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar, and other artists are, as well, in the pipe-line. With the aim of establishing LOD among the top 100 clubs in Asia, Rabin looks forward to further improving the place and offering guests a “ New Night, New Life” experience.