Best 49th Club in the World DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs

Best 49th Club in the World DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs

With just over three years of history in the clubbing scene and already climbing up the rankings by securing the 49th position from last year's 52nd on DJMag’s Best Clubs in the World List; LOD has made remarkable progress by gaining tremendous acclaim and a loyal following to its continued commitment to providing an exceptional nightlife experience. LOD is the first club from Nepal to represent its country at the international level for the 2nd time consecutively. LOD has been pioneering to promote international-level EDM music as well as house music in Nepal and has completely changed the way people interact with the music. 

In recent years it has become a safe haven and a utopian escape for EDM, techno, house music, and disco lovers in the country. LOD has become the epitome of nightlife culture promising a thrilling experience to EDM lovers and people alike in the country. With the emergence of LOD in Nepal the nightlife has received a warm welcome from the denizens with never before excitement and enthusiasm. 

The unique thing about LOD is that it is more than just a club as it also provides an equally exquisite variety of drinks and food pallets for food lovers and connoisseurs of drinks alike. 

Besides providing a surreal clubbing experience to its people, LOD has also been promoting emerging Nepali artists, hosting top-notch events, and bringing famous international stars. In recent years alone LOD has hosted more than 100+ international DJs and famous artists. On 28th August 2019, LOD housed QUINTINO to allure the crowd with his EDM magic. Other main artists who performed at LOD were the likes of Mr. Pig, Plastik Funk, Tom & Collins, Timmy Trumpet, Ayo and Teo, Sevenn, and Tony Junior just to name a few. 

Apart from the internationally renowned artists visiting the club; LOD also received a Royal visit from the former King Of Nepal Gyannedra Shah for his 74th birthday; giving the club that royal touch. LOD had the highest honor of hosting such a prestigious guest on his special day of the year.  

Being an international standard club LOD comprises every quality aspect that an international club needs to have; be it the lights, stage, sound, space, or seating arrangements.  LOD exhibits a rock bar and electronic club fusion with an arena-style stage, equipped with an international D & B audio Technik Sound System and hydraulic lights system which is the 1st of its kind in the country. Which automatically differentiates LOD as the best from the rest in the country.